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From video camera to spatial media, Nicholi Noah is embedding accessible visions of abstract future into fine art and education. Wrapping the virtual Metaverse in real-world textures as immersive displays of empathy, compassion, and humanity in electronics. Influenced by international travel and a love for world culture, Nicholi embraces challenge as a creative tool. Encouraging new conversations, empowering young artists to push the limits of their own understanding and self-awareness through an open philosophy of personal growth in storytelling.

Click the links above view to my collection of award-winning professional work and personal artwork with detailed writeups on my process and intimate stories behind each project.

Hi, I’m Nicholi.
A mixed reality artist and immersive technologist specializing in accessibility and culturally aware content. Fascinated with analog VHS tape-to-tape and computer animation in the mid-‘90s, I’ve always sought out alternative methods to learning through curiosity… which lead to a 25-year digital video career spanning broadcast, film, and virtual education. In 2011, Both career and curiosity pushed me to strap on a backpack to travel the world for a year before landing a six-year stint hustling advertising in Detroit while documenting street art with local graffiti writers.

Back to Oklahoma City in 2017, I bought my first VR headset and focused on the Metaverse. Diving deeper than the shallow “social VR” facade, I spent several hundreds of hours collaborating on Open Source education tools with developers from Microsoft and Google. Learning to code while immersed in the environment I was coding was the experience I needed to finally grasp how the devices we carry in our pockets are powertools for accessible communication.

Now I’m drawing all that knowledge out into the physical world as embedded artworks designed for others to share the same profound moments I had - without having to wear a headset.

Weaving virtual textures into tangible materials so you can hold the experience in your hand.